Immigration Laws and Regulations 11 December 2023

Eligible professions for simplified processing in Quebec

Deux travailleurs étranger embauché par Equinox World dans le domaine de la mécanique automobile

The Quebec government offers a simplified processing procedure for certain professions, facilitating the rapid integration of international talents.

Understanding simplified processing

Simplified processing is an expedited procedure designed to ease the hiring of foreign workers in specific professions. This approach lightens administrative requirements, especially by eliminating the need to provide proof of searching for Canadian labor.

Eligible professions: a diverse list

The list of professions eligible for simplified processing is extensive and covers various sectors. Eligible professions include technical trades, IT positions, healthcare, engineering, and many others. This diversity offers remarkable flexibility to Quebec employers wishing to recruit internationally.

Advantages of simplified processing for employers

Utilizing simplified processing for employers

  • Speed: significant reduction in the processing times of applications.
  • Efficiency: fewer administrative formalities, allowing for quicker integration of workers.
  • Increased Flexibility: no limit on the number of seasonal workers to be hired in
    professions eligible for simplified processing.

How to benefit from simplified processing?

To take advantage of this process, employers need to familiarize themselves with the list of eligible professions and ensure that the positions they wish to fill are included. It is also crucial to understand the legal obligations and working conditions to be respected when hiring a foreign worker.

Hiring temporary foreign workers through simplified processing is a winning strategy for Quebec businesses. International recruitment agencies play a key role, guiding you through each step of this process to ensure the success of your international recruitment efforts.

To obtain more details regarding the professions eligible for simplified processing in Quebec, please consult the official government website dedicated to this subject.