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International recruitment

We conduct a selection process that is designed to be both comprehensive and flexible, starting with a custom diagnosis of your needs and leading to a thorough evaluation of candidates. The examination of candidates is based on several criteria such as academic training, technical skills, human qualities, motivation, and interpersonal skills. Our methodical approach allows us to make wise choices during the final selection phase, thus presenting you with the most qualified candidates to meet your requirements.

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Legal support and immigration consultation

Following your selection of candidates, we navigate for you through the labyrinth of immigration laws, which can be a major challenge. Our teams, composed of RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) and specialized lawyers, offer their in-depth knowledge to understand these complex legal requirements. We show you the fastest way to obtain the necessary approvals to integrate your new collaborators, in full compliance with the laws. If you have already recruited your workers and are only looking for help to obtain visa and work permit approvals within set deadlines, we are also able to provide this service independently.We also offer services in immigration law, including permanent residence, citizenship, and status renewal.

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Travel agency

Eliminate the complexity associated with coordinating international travel. With our service, you have a single dedicated point of contact who manages all aspects of your foreign workers' travel. From booking tickets to organizing transfers, everything is centralized. Discover our travel expertise

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Our integration program establishes a well-organized welcome process that begins before the workers' arrival and continues throughout their professional engagement. We manage their administrative integration, including obtaining the SIN, banking procedures, registration with the RAMQ, and private health insurance coverage. Upon their arrival, we provide them with a comprehensive guide and training to inform them about the laws and practices in force in Canada. Our support is complemented with both human and emotional assistance. All these actions aim to meet the immediate needs of foreign workers and also contribute to their success within your organization.

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