Immigration Laws and Regulations 4 March 2024

Return of visa requirements for Mexican visitors to Canada

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The Canadian government, led by Justin Trudeau, has recently announced a significant change in its immigration policy, marking the return of visa requirements for some Mexican visitors. This decision, coming after more than seven years of free movement, raises numerous challenges, especially for seasonal employers.

Context of the new measure

After a period of free access, the Trudeau government has decided to reimpose visa requirements for Mexicans, citing security reasons and the presence of fake travel documents. This measure will affect Mexican travelers, particularly those who have never visited Canada. However, exemptions are planned, highlighting the importance of agricultural workers and students, who will remain exempt from this requirement.

The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) and the Mexican visa: what changes?

The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), in place since 2016, is a procedure that many Mexicans have used to enter Canada. With the return of the visa requirement, those not already within Canada’s borders will have to navigate through a more complex process, including applying for a specific Mexican visa for Canada. This represents an additional challenge, especially for Canadian employers in search of foreign seasonal workers.

Seasonal workers and Equinox World’s response

Facing these changes, Equinox World commits to supporting Canadian businesses, particularly those in the seasonal sector, greatly affected by the labor shortage. Our expertise as an international recruitment agency in Canada and Quebec allows us to offer tailored international recruitment solutions, even in this changing regulatory context. We have developed a detailed strategy to effectively address this situation by reallocating several team members to handle all requests and repatriating several of our employees to our Montreal offices. Although it is difficult to precisely estimate the additional delays, we are dedicated to minimizing the impact of these changes and ensuring the successful arrival of workers.

Our teams, composed of Canadian Immigration Regulatory Advisors (CIRAs) and specialized lawyers, offer their in-depth knowledge to navigate through the complex landscape of immigration laws. Do not hesitate to consult our legal outreach and immigration consulting services.

Conclusion: a challenge, solutions

Although the return of visa requirements for Mexican visitors to Canada represents a challenge, we are determined to overcome the obstacles posed by these new regulations, continuing to provide concrete answers to the labor shortage in Quebec and Canada. Our goal is clear: to facilitate the hiring of temporary foreign workers, including seasonal workers, to support the growth and prosperity of businesses.

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