Immigration Laws and Regulations 20 February 2024

The innovative campaign of the Montreal Bar Association against illegal practices

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In a proactive response to the escalation of fraudulent activities by individuals posing as immigration lawyers, the Montreal Bar Association has launched an awareness campaign. This initiative, deployed in the wake of an alarming increase in the number of cases reported since 2018, is designed to effectively equip newcomers against the risks of fraud.

Multifaceted campaign strategy:

Enhanced surveillance : The surge in investigations reflects the bar’s increased vigilance, demonstrating a firm intention to counteract forgers.

Education et prevention : At the heart of this initiative, education aims to warn immigrants of the dangers associated with fake lawyers, emphasizing the importance of verifying the legal qualifications of professionals.

Focus on immigration : The strategic choice to target immigration law reflects the vulnerability of this sector to illicit practices, highlighting the immediate need of targeted action.

Validation of authenticity :The campaign reminds that only registered lawyers and notaries are authorized to provide legal services, warning against impostors.

Visual and linguistic communication : Striking visuals and concise messages, available in multiple languages, reinforce the message of vigilance, ensuring widespread dissemination.

Online platform : The website serves as a central tool for verifying the authenticity of lawyers and facilitating the complaint process.

Expanded partnership : The alliance with organizations supporting immigrants amplifies the campaign’s reach, ensuring a substantial impact on the targeted audience.

Impact and perspective centered on specialized legal services for immigration

The Montreal Bar Association’s campaign, by highlighting the fight against illegal practices in immigration law, underscores the vital importance of relying on specialized legal services, such as those offered by Equinox World. It is imperative to choose qualified legal partners who ensure legal compliance and expertise tailored to the challenges of immigration. An informed approach contributes to better protection of immigrants’ rights and to the success of their integration in Canada.

The campaign launched by the Montreal Bar Association represents a major advancement in protecting immigrants from fraudulent practices in immigration law. By directly tackling fake lawyers and promoting the importance of resorting to specialized and reliable legal services, this initiative highlights a deep commitment to the safety and integrity of the immigration journey in Canada.

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