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With several years of experience, we are the specialized international recruitment solution in construction. Our team based in Mexico excels in selecting candidates suited for each field and position. Whether you are looking for skills in trades outside the decree or regulated by the CCQ, we have a wide range of highly motivated candidates ready to work in Queb

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We master international recruitment in a wide range of construction trades. Whether you need skills in roofing, masonry, concrete, or interior systems, our expertise extends to a variety of specialties to meet all your foreign temporary worker recruitment needs.

  • Excellence of recruited candidates: Our rigorous interview process in tandem with our local and international expertise identifies the most qualified talents for each position.
  • Adaptability: We offer candidates for a variety of trades, whether regulated by the CCQ or not. We also have ultra-motivated candidates without specific experience that you can train according to your own procedures.
  • Administrative and operational Preparation: All recruited workers undergo training and receive explanations on CCQ standards before arriving in Canada, preparing them both administratively and operationally.
  • Regulatory and union obligation: We assist in every regulatory step, from obtaining SINs to enrolling in ASP courses and issuing CCQ cards. We also help navigate the choice of a union for recruited workers.
  • Exceptional Human Integration: We work closely with you to ensure successful integration of recruited workers. Our support is complete, both for the employer and the employees.
  • Whether you are a large company or a smaller scale employer, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Our experience with a wide range of companies allows us to customize our approach for each situation.


Frequently asked questions

In which language are ASP courses offered?

ASP courses are generally offered in French, but options in Spanish may be available upon request. Our integration team will guide you to the best linguistic solution for you.

How is housing managed for recruited workers?

The employer is responsible for providing housing for recruited workers. The cost of housing can be deducted from the worker’s pay. The rent amount, ranging between $200 and $600 monthly, is determined based on the worker’s hourly rate, and we will provide a recommendation in this regard.

How is transportation in Quebec managed for recruited workers?

The employer must accommodate the employee with a means of transport during the initial period of employment. This is crucial for facilitating their integration into their new work environment.

How are deductions related to the CCQ managed?

Deductions related to the CCQ are managed in the same way as for a regular employee, in accordance with prevailing regulations.

Are the workers we recruit members of a union?

The worker must choose their own union, just like a Quebec worker. We will provide all the necessary information to help you navigate this process.

What is the typical duration of contracts for recruited workers in the construction sector?

The duration of contracts can vary based on the specific needs of the employer and the legal possibilities related to the position in question. Contracts can be seasonal, lasting 9 months, or go up to 36 months. We work closely with employers to determine the best contract length suited for each situation.


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