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We combine rigorous methodology and expertise, both local and international, to identify the most qualified talents for your manufacturing business. Our experience allows us to customize our approach according to each situation, whether you are a large enterprise or a smaller scale employer. Furthermore, we take care of all administrative and operational formalities, preparing the workers to be fully operational upon their arrival in Canada.

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Travailleur en manufacture embauché par Equinox World
Outils industries manufacturier
Outils industries manufacturier
Travailleur manufacturier embauché par Equinox World

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We have developed expertise in a variety of manufacturing sector trades, including welders, assemblers, CNC operators, machinists, painters, and laborers. We also recruit for management positions, such as factory directors. Whether it’s the metallurgy sector or the entire manufacturing field, our vast international talent pool is ready to meet your specialized needs. Our selection process includes rigorous interviews and practical tests to ensure skill alignment for the positions to be filled.

  • Sharp legal knowledge: Our legal team is expert in selecting the most suitable immigration programs for the specific needs of the manufacturing sector, thus obtaining approvals in the shortest possible timeframes.
  • Complete preparation: Before their arrival in Canada, all our candidates receive comprehensive training covering administrative, operational, and cultural aspects. They are thus prepared to integrate into your company.
  • Candidate excellence: Thanks to our deep knowledge of the manufacturing sector, we guarantee a perfect match between candidates and your company’s needs. Our rigorous interviews and practical tests ensure the quality of the talents we present to you.
  • Flexibility and customization: Regardless of your company’s size, we adapt our services to meet your specific needs. Our agility and personalization make all the difference.
  • The majority of workers we recruit in the manufacturing sector express an interest in settling in Canada full-time. This significantly reduces turnover within your company, while enhancing continuity and stability of your workforce. We offer comprehensive legal support to facilitate their lasting integration, including permit renewals and steps for permanent residence.


Frequently asked questions

Can you recruit management personnel for manufacturing companies?

Absolutely, we have successfully recruited production directors, engineers, and other high-level positions for manufacturing companies.

How do you guarantee that candidates in metallurgy are competent for their positions?

We use practical tests and rigorous interviews to assess each metallurgy candidate’s technical skills.

Is it possible to recruit certified welders specialized in metallurgy?

Yes, recruiting certified welders for the metallurgy sector is among the services offered. The selection of qualified candidates is based on deep expertise in the field, meeting certification requirements as well as practical and technical needs specific to metallurgy. The goal is to provide competent and experienced professionals capable of effectively integrating into the demanding work environments of this sector.

What is the typical duration of contracts for workers recruited in the manufacturing sector?

The duration of contracts can vary based on the specific needs of the employer and the legal possibilities related to the position in question. Contracts can be seasonal, lasting 9 months, or extend up to 36 months. We work closely with employers to determine the best contract length suited for each situation.

For a candidate, is it necessary to speak French to obtain a work permit approval in the manufacturing sector in Canada?

No, for candidates seeking to work in the manufacturing sector in Canada, proficiency in French or English is not always required. Many positions in this sector can be filled without the need for specific language knowledge. This allows international workers to qualify for these positions even if they do not master these languages, provided they can demonstrate their ability to perform their job effectively. Recruitment agencies and employers work together to justify this linguistic flexibility to immigration authorities, focusing on the candidates’ skills and professional experience.

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