Travailleur en mécanique embauché par Equinox World
Travailleur en mécanique embauché par Equinox World

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Your success engine: our mechanical talents

The mechanical sector is vast and constantly evolving, requiring a variety of skills and qualifications. Our expertise is based on a deep understanding of these requirements, allowing us to provide you with suitable and highly qualified talents. We are committed to supporting the growth of your business by providing the best-suited personnel for your needs.

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Travailleur devant un camion lourd
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Image de garage avec un camion et des pneus
Travailleur en mécanique embauché par Equinox World

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Recruit in mechanics with confidence

We specialize in recruiting a wide range of mechanical skills. Whether you are looking for heavy vehicle mechanics, heavy equipment mechanics, electromechanics, industrial mechanics, or specialized mechanic assistants in tire and oil changes, we have the solutions to meet your labor needs.

  • Rigorous process and enlightened selection: Through our detailed interview process and practical tests, we ensure you have access to the most competent candidates available.
  • Sector Knowledge and Customization: Our expertise in the mechanical field, coupled with a personalized approach, guarantees a perfect match between candidates and the specific needs of your business.
  • Administrative, operational, and cultural preparation: Before their arrival, all our candidates receive comprehensive training. This includes explanations of safety standards and professional practices in effect, as well as awareness of the cultural aspects of working in Canada. Thus, they are prepared to be operational and to integrate seamlessly into their new work environment.
  • Rapid recruitment by our experts: Our dedicated team of experienced recruiters leverages a vast talent network to accelerate your recruitment process.
  • Smooth and tailored integration: We don’t just stop at recruitment; our support extends to the integration of each candidate, thus ensuring a harmonious and efficient transition into your mechanical team.


Frequently asked questions

Are there options for short-term contracts or seasonal needs in mechanics?

Yes, we can accommodate various contract lengths based on your specific human resource needs.

How are toolboxes managed for recruited mechanics?

Although the norm in Quebec is that the mechanic pays for their own toolbox, we encourage employers to provide the necessary tools. If the employer wishes the mechanic to pay for their own tools, a rent-to-own program can be discussed between the employer and the candidate at the time of contract signing.

Is it possible to recruit a mechanic specialized in a very specific field?

Yes, we are able to recruit mechanics with very precise specializations to meet your specific human resource needs. For example, we have carried out recruitment of mechanics specialized in heavy machinery hydraulics. Our rigorous selection process allows us to identify candidates who best match the technical skills and qualifications you are looking for.

In which language are the recruited mechanics generally comfortable working?

Our main pool of candidates is located in Latin America, mainly because obtaining work permits is often easier with these countries than with the majority of other French-speaking countries. Additionally, their work techniques are very similar to those practiced in Canada. Therefore, the working language for these workers is predominantly Spanish. If French competency is necessary, we also have the capability to recruit internationally. It should also be noted that these workers can be francized in as little as one year, provided that joint efforts are made by the employer and the candidate.

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