Integration 11 April 2024

Preparing for Quebec adventure: tools and resources to familiarize yourself with French

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Arriving in a new country is a major challenge, especially when the local language differs from one’s native language. For newcomers to Quebec, learning French before their arrival can facilitate a gradual integration.

Facing the realities of daily life

Upon their arrival, foreign workers are faced with various aspects of daily life in Quebec, where French is the main language. Therefore, familiarizing themselves with the language can greatly ease everyday interactions, whether for administrative procedures, shopping, or understanding public transport.

Developing a social life

Knowledge of French is also important for developing social relationships. It enables newcomers to connect more easily with the local community, form friendly and professional bonds, and integrate harmoniously into their new environment.

Tools and resources for learning French online

There are many tools and online resources available to help workers learn French and familiarize themselves with vocabulary, expressions, intonations, and phonemes:


  • Duolingo: a fun platform for progressive learning.
  • Busuu: offers interactive lessons and the chance to practice with natives.
  • Babbel: personalized courses to learn at your own pace.

Podcasts :

  • Podcast français facile: ideal for beginners, with clear and simple lessons.

YouTube Channels:

  • Apprendre le français québécois avec Jackie: to get familiar with the specifics of Quebecois French.
  • Français avec Pierre: interactive and fun lessons.
  • Français Authentique: for learning French instinctively.

Television Channels:

  • TV5 Unis: resources to improve oral comprehension.
  • TV5 Monde: varied programs for all levels.

Learn Quebec French:

  • J’apprends le Québécois: specifically focused on the peculiarities of Quebecois French.

Online resources offer a multitude of options for beginning learning, adapted to every need and level. They primarily serve as support and enrichment to more formal approaches with structured French courses and francization programs.

For more information regarding the francization programs offered by the Government of Quebec, we invite you to consult the official government website dedicated to this topic.