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Overcoming the labor shortage in Quebec’s construction industry: integrating women and immigrants

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Overcoming the labor shortage in Quebec’s construction industry: integrating women and immigrants

A new face for construction: inclusion and diversity

The construction industry in Quebec, facing a severe labor shortage, is seeking innovative and inclusive solutions. A Desjardins study reveals that immigrant workers represent only 9% of the workforce in construction, a percentage significantly lower than in other sectors. Similarly, women, although they make up 13% of this workforce, face significant obstacles.

Challenges in integrating women and immigrants

In the construction sector, women are faced with precarious working conditions, job instability, and often experience discrimination or intimidation. This reality is highlighted despite a more inclusive definition of the workforce by the Quebec Construction Commission (CCQ).

The integration of immigrant workers is equally complex. Guillaume Houle from the Quebec Construction Association (ACQ) emphasizes the importance of recruiting temporary immigrant workers to address this shortage.

The crucial role of international recruitment agencies

International recruitment agencies, such as Equinox World, play an essential role in this context. Our in-depth knowledge of the specifics of the construction sector allows us to effectively recruit temporary immigrant workers. We understand the challenges related to their integration and that of women in this field and work closely with employers to facilitate this process. Our collaboration with provincial entities such as the ACQ and APECQ also helps us understand and effectively respond to the industry’s specific needs.

Integration and training strategies

We place great importance on regulatory compliance, especially in ensuring that all professionals are duly certified by the Quebec Construction Commission (CCQ) before starting work on sites.

A strategic partnership for the future of construction in Quebec

As a leading international recruitment agency, Equinox World is dedicated to supporting the construction industry in its efforts to integrate women and temporary foreign workers. Our unique expertise in international recruitment and our collaborative approach position us ideally to help the industry overcome its labor shortage. By facilitating the integration of diverse talents, we help build a more prosperous and inclusive future for the construction sector in Quebec.

With our commitment to diversity, excellence, and innovation, Equinox World becomes an indispensable strategic partner, not only in international recruitment but also in the positive transformation of the construction industry in Quebec.

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