International news 25 January 2024

Significant increase in Mexican refugees in Quebec: challenges and perspectives

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Quebec is facing the challenges of immigration and the rising number of asylum requests, particularly those coming from Mexico. This situation presents unique challenges and highlights the need for balanced immigration management, taking into account current social and economic realities.

Recently, François Legault expressed his concerns about the influx of asylum seekers, stating that it is pushing Quebec to the “breaking point.” Concurrently, the federal Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, announced stricter measures for foreign students, although these do not directly affect Quebec. This divergence in approaches raises questions about the best way to manage immigration in the province.

Current challenges

Since the beginning of 2023, Quebec has received a significant number of asylum seekers, putting pressure on its reception capabilities. While it is crucial not to attribute all social problems to refugees, it is clear that the current influx adds additional pressure on already strained systems such as health and housing.

Focus on Mexican refugees

The increase in Mexican asylum seekers is particularly notable. This trend is partly due to the removal of visa requirements for Mexicans in 2016, a political decision that led to a significant increase in requests. However, many of these requests do not meet the criteria for refugees recognized by the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board, resulting in costly and lengthy processes.

As Quebec and Canada consider raising the requirements for Mexican asylum seekers, this measure could have significant effects, particularly on the international recruitment process. Tightening immigration policies could complicate the obtaining of temporary work permits for Mexicans. This situation represents a particular challenge for employers in need of foreign labor. In this context, collaboration with a recognized and competent recruitment agency like Equinox World, acknowledged and certified by the CNESST, becomes essential. Employers can indeed find effective and tailored solutions to their specific needs, ensuring the continuity and efficiency of their operations despite regulatory challenges. Resorting to experts in international recruitment is not just an option, but rather, a crucial strategy.

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