International news 11 December 2023

Valuation of the peso and its Impact on Mexican workers in Canada

Plusieurs billets de pesos mexicain

In a constantly evolving global economic context, the valuation of the Mexican peso represents a particularly interesting phenomenon, especially for Mexican workers in Canada. A publication from the New York Times has highlighted how this monetary appreciation impacts the lives and finances of Mexicans working abroad. Specifically focusing on Canada, we explore the implications of this situation for workers, remittances and Canadian employers.

Current context with the peso’s valuation

The recent appreciation of the Mexican peso, attributed to high interest rates and an increase in foreign investments in Mexico, has led to an approximate 20% rise against the dollar. This situation is especially relevant for Mexican workers in Canada, whose remittances are now affected by this new monetary dynamic.

Impact on remittances

For Mexican workers in Canada, this valuation means that each Canadian dollar sent to Mexico has a reduced purchasing power. This aligns with observations in the United States, where workers must send more dollars to maintain the same level of financial support for their families.

Economic repercussions

This valuation has direct consequences on the economic decisions of Mexican families. With remittances being of lesser value, many are turning to expenditures focused on basic needs, avoiding costly purchases. Furthermore, Mexican export products, especially in the automotive and agricultural sectors, could become less competitive in the American market.

How the peso’s valuation on the Canadian Labor influence the market?

Mexican workers in Canada may be forced to adjust their remittances and rethink their savings and spending plans. For Canadian employers, this implies an awareness of changes in these workers’ financial habits, potentially influencing recruitment and retention strategies.

The valuation of the Mexican peso raises important questions for Mexican workers in Canada and their employers. A deep understanding of these dynamics is crucial for companies engaged in international recruitment, where the economic and social impact can be significant.

We encourage our readers to reflect on possible strategies to adapt to these economic changes. How can Canadian companies better support their employees in the face of these monetary challenges? What measures can be taken to ensure an effective and equitable transition for Mexican workers in Canada?

You can refer to the New York Times article discussing this topic for more information.