Recruitment 29 January 2024

An encouraging meeting between Equinox World and DIVRI in Colombia

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Today, we are delighted to share news about a recent strategic meeting between Equinox World and the Directorate of Veterans and Inclusive Rehabilitation (DIVRI) in Colombia.

Discovering DIVRI

Created on December 30, 2021, under the auspices of the Colombian National Ministry of Defense, DIVRI plays a crucial role in supporting and reintegrating veterans. This entity provides essential opportunities for the professional and personal development of these individuals, helping them to effectively integrate into civil society.

Its role and objectives

DIVRI is committed to inclusivity, training veterans in various professional fields, particularly in technical and administrative areas. In collaboration with SENA, the Colombian training institution, DIVRI offers professional training in various sectors such as hospitality, tourism, metallurgy, mechanics, and information technology, among others.

Strategic meeting in Bogota

Our representatives had the honor of meeting with DIVRI officials in Bogota. The main goal of this meeting was to lay the groundwork for future collaboration, aiming to recruit Colombian human talent for various sectors of the Canadian industry.

Collaboration on the horizon

This promising meeting has paved the way for significant collaboration. The idea of recruiting talents from among Colombian veterans aligns perfectly with our commitment to diversity and inclusion and meets the needs of the Canadian industry.

Mutual benefits

This potential collaboration is not only beneficial for filling key positions in Canada but also contributes to the professional reintegration process of veterans. It’s a perfect example of how such an association can bring significant benefits to both candidates and Canadian companies.

Next steps

Filled with enthusiasm for the future, we are determined to explore how this fruitful collaboration can develop further, promoting successful and mutually beneficial integration of Colombian talents in Canada.

ÀIn conclusion, this meeting with DIVRI represents a significant step towards a rewarding collaboration, reflecting our mission to promote international recruitment and the integration of diverse talents within the Canadian industry.