Recruitment 21 February 2024

International recruitment mission in Mexico: bridging talents and opportunities

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Last summer, in 2023, Equinox World, a leader in international recruitment agencies in Canada, orchestrated an exceptional recruitment mission in Mexico. This initiative highlighted our commitment to finding the best talents worldwide, perfectly illustrating our promise of quality and efficiency.

The progress of the mission

At the heart of this mission, seven exceptional mechanic candidates were selected for their expertise and experience in preventive and corrective maintenance of gasoline and diesel equipment. Among them, Hector, with over ten years of experience and mastery of engines from prestigious brands such as Cummins, Mercedes Benz, Caterpillar and others, brilliantly represented the caliber of professionals we commit to recruiting.

Our clients, eager to surround themselves with the best talents, crossed borders to visit Mexico and meet the candidates from all over the Mexican republic: Reynosa, Puebla, Tizayuca and Cuernavaca. They were accompanied by the Equinox World team composed of Jose, our technical recruiter, Elodie, linguistic assistant, Armelle, talent acquisition director and Manon, logistics manager. The interviews took place in a cheerful atmosphere, reflecting the teamwork and passion that both our candidates and employees embody.

Successful results

This meeting resulted in the selection of five candidates, who have been in their positions in Canada since January 2024. This success demonstrates not only our ability to identify and integrate international talents into the Canadian market but also our commitment to providing customized international recruitment solutions for our clients.
This international recruitment mission in Mexico is an example among others of our commitment to building bridges between global talents and Canadian opportunities, affirming our role as facilitators in international recruitment.

Feel free to contact us if you need to organize recruitment on-site! Mexico awaits you!