Recruitment 29 May 2024

Plan for the 2025 season now: tips for recruiting temporary foreign workers.

3 travailleurs à l'aéroport avec leur contrat dans les mains

As we approach the end of the current season, it’s already time to think about the next one. As an international recruitment agency, we want to remind you of the crucial importance of planning now for the 2025 season, especially with the new measures introduced this year in Canada for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). This is particularly true for workers from Mexico. As you may already know, your Mexican workers now require a visa.

Why Plan Ahead?

  1.  Compliance with New Measures: This year, Canada introduced significant changes to the TFWP. These measures aim to strengthen worker protections and improve the recruitment process. Planning early ensures you stay compliant with these new regulations and avoid potential delays.
  2. Organization and Planning: Renewing contracts now for the 2025 season allows all stakeholders – employers, workers, and agencies – to organize optimally. This includes managing visas, arranging logistics, and integrating workers into your teams.
  3. Worker Retention: Ask your current workers today if they wish to return next year. This approach not only strengthens their sense of belonging and recognition but also ensures you have experienced and already trained workers.

Steps for Effective Planning

  1.  Assess Needs: Analyze your workforce needs for the next season. Identify the positions to be filled and the necessary skills.
  2. Proactive Communication: Contact your current workers now to discuss their interest in returning. Clear and honest communication can greatly improve your retention rate.
  3. Contract Renewal: If your current workers wish to return, start the process of renewing their contracts immediately. This includes preparing the necessary documents for work permits and other administrative formalities.
  4. Collaboration with Your Recruitment Agency: Work closely with our agency to ensure all aspects of recruitment are covered, from preliminary checks to on-site arrangements.

Benefits of Early Preparation

  1.  Reduced Stress and Unforeseen Issues: Having a well-established plan minimizes last-minute risks and ensures a smooth transition between seasons.
  2. Cost Optimization: Early planning allows better management of costs associated with recruitment, transportation, and worker accommodation.
  3. Improved Productivity: Well-prepared workers who are already familiar with your company and its procedures can start more quickly and be more productive.


Preparing now for the 2025 season is a winning strategy for everyone. As an employer, you ensure continuity of your activity and benefit from an experienced workforce. For workers, this means job security and recognition of their contribution. We strongly encourage you to start this process without delay.

Feel free to contact us for any assistance or advice on contract renewals and preparation for the next season. Together, we can guarantee a successful and productive 2025 season.