Recruitment 29 January 2024

Promising initiative: Equinox World explores future strategic alliance with ESEIT (Higher School of Business, Engineering, and Technology) in Colombia

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On January 11, 2024, Equinox World had the privilege of meeting with two leaders from the Higher School of Business, Engineering, and Technology (ESEIT) during a fruitful encounter. The participants in this meeting were Diego Alberto Pérez García and Guillermo Usechi Velategui, who shared exciting perspectives on future collaboration opportunities.

ESEIT, being part of the renowned Planeta Formación y Universidades publishing group, stands out for its commitment to education in fields such as engineering, computer science, public accounting, and business administration. With over 1,050 students in Colombia and a global presence extending to Spain, North Africa, Miami, and other cities, ESEIT has firmly established itself as a leading institution in the academic world.

The meeting aimed to lay the groundwork for an international alliance between Equinox World and ESEIT, focusing on the creation of internships in companies and the provision of trained professionals in engineering and computer science. This collaboration primarily seeks to meet the needs of the Canadian industry, especially in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. The goal is to provide a skilled workforce to support various sectors of the industry in Canada.

The potential benefits of this alliance are several. On one hand, Canadian companies could benefit from highly qualified professionals, trained according to ESEIT’s academic standards. On the other hand, this collaboration offers a valuable opportunity for foreign professionals, particularly Colombians, aspiring to establish themselves in Canada. The reasons for this choice are multiple, ranging from the country’s exceptional quality of life to its economic stability, as well as personal and family integration in the medium and long term.

We look forward to this promising initiative and eagerly anticipate future developments resulting from this meeting with ESEIT.