Recruitment 29 January 2024

Strategic Meeting between Equinox World and Colombian Training and Employment Institutions: Strengthening Links for International Mobility

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On January 10, 2024, a historic meeting took place between Equinox World and Colombia’s National Learning Service (SENA), as well as with the Public Employment Agency (APE). This meeting marked a turning point in our commitment to establishing strong partnerships for international recruitment, aligning our goals with renowned training and employment institutions.

A pioneering partnership with Colombia’s National Learning Service (SENA)

Equinox World met with eminent members of Colombia’s National Learning Service (SENA). The meeting participants included Jorge Eduardo Londoño Ulloa (General Director), Edgar Adrián Zambrano (Director of Training), Carlos Alfonso Mayorga (Director of Corporate Development), and David Enrique Garzón.

SENA, as a national public institution in Colombia, stands out for its free training to millions of citizens through technical, technological, and complementary programs. In its mission to strengthen the country’s economic, scientific, and social development, SENA collaborates with the government, entrepreneurs, and workers

The primary goal of this meeting was to establish the foundations for a convention or alliance, integrating SENA’s graduates and students into Canadian culture. Strengthening their academic training, we aim to enrich the economic, social, and technical development of the Canadian industry by providing skilled labor in various sectors.

SENA’s Public Employment Agency (APE): a pillar of employment and entrepreneurship in Colombia

In a second meeting, we also met with the SENA Public Employment Agency (APE). Notable participants were Hernan Mauricio Rodriguez Laverde (Coordinator of the Employment and Labor Directorate), Luz Dana Leal Ruiz (Director of the Employment and Labor Directorate), and Carol Lizeth Garzon Rubiano.

APE shares the goal of providing training in the fields of work, employment, and entrepreneurship. With over 4000 free courses in various sectors, APE advises SENA graduates on entrepreneurship and business creation. Additionally, it offers a database of candidates for companies and certifications in various professions.

Highlighting inclusivity, SENA has specific centers, like the one in Cali for women in the construction sector. The focus on foreign languages, especially French through the French Alliance, makes SENA graduates attractive for positions abroad, particularly in Quebec and Canada.

Our shared vision

This meeting helped to solidify our shared vision: creating enriching opportunities for SENA graduates and, by extension, for the Canadian industry. By partnering with SENA and APE, we pave the way for a fruitful transnational collaboration, aiming to facilitate the integration of Colombian talents into the Canadian market while respecting the rights and duties of migrant workers.

We are proud of these strategic partnerships that build up our position as a leader in international recruitment. This initiative with SENA and APE symbolizes our commitment to excellence, diversity, and sustainable development in international recruitment.