Recruitment 16 January 2024

The creative adventure: our recruitment experience in the world of tattooing

Homme tatouant un avant-bras

Our passion for discovering new talents led us to an unprecedented adventure: our first collaboration with a tattoo studio. This unique experience is not just a milestone in our history. It also showcases our exceptional ability to provide quality recruitment solutions. By taking on the challenge of finding tattoo artists with outstanding talent and artistic vision, we have not only met but also exceeded expectations; illustrating our expertise and commitment to specialized international recruitment.

An extraordinary quest

Our client, an Ontario tattoo studio, was looking for tattoo artists to enhance its creative team. The mission was clear: find Mexican tattoo artists who can blend artistic talent and technical skills while respecting the studio’s visual identity.

Who needs CV’s ?

Forget the traditional resume! Recruiting for artistic professions means diving into the captivating visual world of portfolios. The diversity of styles, from small tattoos to the most daring works, the portfolio analysis added an artistic touch often lacking in our profession and ultimately very stimulating for the whole team. We meticulously examined Behance, Instagram pages, and other social networks of creative professionals.

Meeting with passionate artists

Conducting interviews with tattoo artists was as unusual as it was enriching. It involved meeting true enthusiasts, each with their unique, sometimes extraordinary journey and preferred style. This experience was a remarkable opportunity that allowed us to deepen our understanding of the tattoo profession, revealing fascinating facts and highlighting the uniqueness of each tattoo, where each tells a unique story.

Navigating trends and styles

A particularly interesting aspect of the process was navigating through emerging tattoo trends. From traditional art to contemporary patterns, each tattoo artist had their own artistic signature. Ensuring that their style harmonized with the particular style our studio sought was crucial.

Final selection and general enthusiasm

After a careful selection, we presented the studio with tattoo artists whose talent and personality we had no doubt about and aligned perfectly with their vision. The enthusiasm for this new collaboration was clearly felt at the end of the interviews, heralding the beginnings of a promising alliance.

Recruiting tattoo artists for the first time immersed us in a hitherto unknown universe. Learning about tattoo culture, its hygiene standards, exploring various artistic styles, understanding the studio’s requirements, and adjusting our method to these specificities have endowed us with an unprecedented expertise, a source of great pride.

It’s an understatement to say that the entire team is eagerly anticipating its next adventure in the artistic world. If you are a professional in any artistic field, do not hesitate to contact us! Our team is fully ready to take on new challenges.