Immigration Laws and Regulations 25 January 2024

Quebec pilot project renewed: excellent news for international recruitment

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The recent announcement by the Government of Canada to extend the temporary measures under the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program in Quebec, as a result of the collaborative process between the two levels of government, is significant news for employers in Quebec.
The renewal of these temporary measures, aimed at meeting the dynamic needs of the labor market, highlights the growing importance of international recruitment in Quebec, particularly in key sectors like construction. We are watching these developments with particular interest, recognizing their significant impact on our clients and partners.

Details of the renewal

Eligible professions for Traitement simplifié

The renewal continues to allow the inclusion of certain occupations in category TEER 4 of the 2021 NOC in the list for Traitement simplifié, thus facilitating the process for some sectors, especially in construction, by reducing delays and administrative formalities. A new update of this list will be effective from February 24, 2024 until February 23, 2025, the date of the next review.

Exemptions and increased flexibility for recruitment

Another important measure that will remain valid is the exemption from demonstrating recruitment efforts for certain TEER 5 occupations. This simplification significantly eases the hiring of temporary foreign workers, a crucial advantage for Quebec employers facing labor shortages.

A breath of fresh air for employers

The renewal of these measures brings relief and new opportunities. They allow greater flexibility and responsiveness to labor needs, emphasizing the importance of international recruitment as a strategic solution.

Towards a dynamic future

The government of Canada continues to monitor the labor market, committing to adjust the TFW Program to reflect economic needs and protect workers’ rights.
Adaptation and flexibility are at the heart of these measures, reflecting the rapidly evolving labor market.

We remain dedicated to providing leading expertise and support in this changing landscape, consolidating our position as a reference in international recruitment.