Homme de dos dans une cuisine industrielle
Cuisinier dans un restaurant avec une pincé de sel à la main


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Our expertise in the restaurant sector is solid and proven. Through a rigorous selection process, we identify the most qualified talents for each position. We determine the most suitable source country based on the position, linguistic needs, and urgency of recruitment. You can count on our expertise to integrate new talents into your restaurant team.

Cuisinier à l'oeuvre dans un restaurant
Plaque de cuisine avec des petits gâteaux
Instruments de cuisines dans un restaurant
Instruments de cuisines dans un restaurant
Cuisinier dans un restaurant avec une pincé de sel à la main

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Custom recruitments

We master recruitment for a variety of professions in the restaurant sector. Whether it’s for kitchen management, specialized chefs, support staff, or highly motivated candidates without specific experience, we have the right solution for your needs. All recruited workers are prepared to adapt to the standards in the sector upon their arrival in Canada, both administratively and operationally.

  • Geographical flexibility: We suggest the most suitable country for your recruitment, offering you a wide choice of talents.
  • Complete range of Services: From kitchen management to support staff, we cover all professions in the restaurant sector.
  • Guaranteed quality: Our rigorous selection process ensures high-quality staff.
  • Administrative and operational preparation: Our candidates are prepared in advance, both administratively and operationally.
  • Remarkable human integration: We work closely with you and the workers to ensure successful integration of recruited workers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have measures in place to facilitate foreign workers' acclimatization to Canadian food safety standards?

We carefully select candidates who have already worked in environments with food safety standards similar to those in Canada. This previous experience facilitates their rapid adaptation to local requirements.

Which country is best for my recruitment needs in the restaurant sector?

The choice of country depends on several factors, such as the position, linguistic needs, and urgency of recruitment.

Do you have strategies to mitigate staff turnover, a common issue in the restaurant sector?

Our workers arrive in Canada with closed work permits, which reduces the likelihood of staff rotation. In addition, our integration team maintains continuous communication with both workers and employers to guarantee successful integration and limit staff turnover.

How do you manage potential language barriers when integrating workers into a restaurant setting?

When you opt for a Spanish-only speaking candidate, our team provides you with lexical guides and accompanies you during the crucial first meetings. It is also worth noting that French language courses can be effective in a relatively short period. In as little as one year, workers can begin to master French.

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