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Whether you are in electrical, civil, or mechanical engineering, our international recruitment service is equipped to meet your needs. Our selection process perfectly adapts to the specific requirements of each position, ensuring that you find the ideal candidate.

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We have the international recruitment solution tailored to your needs, whether it’s for engineers, estimators, project managers, drafters, or technicians.

  • Internal technical expertise: Our team of recruiters includes qualified engineers, guaranteeing a deep understanding of your recruitment needs.
  • Extended satisfaction: Thanks to our robust and specific selection method, we find candidates perfectly aligned with your needs. Additionally, we offer a 6-month assurance period on the fit between the candidate and your company, to ensure a solid and lasting partnership.
  • Optimization of Immigration Programs for Engineers: Our immigration law experts master specific programs reserved for engineers graduated from certain countries. This expertise allows us to significantly accelerate the recruitment cycle and approval process, sometimes in as little as two months.
  • Multisectoral adaptability: Our team is qualified to serve a wide range of engineering fields, including but not limited to electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering.
  • Global expertise: Our global connections enable us to recruit the best engineering talents, wherever they are, while focusing on their expertise rather than their geographical location.
  • Comprehensive service: We oversee the entire recruitment cycle, including legal procedures and integration, to ensure a smooth and efficient transition of new talents into your organization.


Frequently asked questions

Do international workers use the same drafting software?

No, the drafting software used can vary from country to country. However, our team is adept at recognizing the talent of candidates regardless of the software they are familiar with. To facilitate integration, specific clauses can be added to the contract, stipulating that the candidate must undergo training on the software used by the employer before arriving in Canada.

Do workers in the engineering field speak French?

The level of French proficiency depends on the specific criteria of the employer. Nevertheless, candidates in this field generally possess a university degree and have often learned a second language, such as French or English, during their studies. Therefore, French language acquisition is often quicker with these candidates.

Is it possible to hire engineers specialized in very specific niches?

Yes, we are capable of recruiting engineers in highly specialized fields. We select the candidate’s country of origin based on your needs.

Mechanical trades

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