Integration 20 December 2023

Inclusive holiday celebrations for foreign workers: advice for employers

Paysage enneigé devant un bâtiment gouvernementale

The holiday and Christmas season is a time of joy and family reunion, but for foreign workers far from home, it can be synonymous with loneliness and nostalgia. As an employer, it is crucial to recognize these challenges and take action to ensure the well-being of these employees. Here are some recommendations to help foreign workers during this delicate period.

1. Facilitating a return home during the holidays

If the company’s activities allow it, offering foreign workers the opportunity to return home during the holidays is a gesture of great value. Consider contributing, partially or fully, to the purchase of plane tickets. This approach demonstrates a deep understanding and respect for the need for family closeness. Financial support can be adjusted based on the employee’s financial situation, but the important thing is to show that the company cares about their emotional well-being. If you are considering allowing your foreign workers to return home for the holidays, it is essential to consult a regulated immigration consultant or lawyer. This ensures that the workers have the necessary permissions to leave and return to the country.

2. Combating loneliness during the work period

If work continues during the holidays, it is essential to find ways to break the isolation of the workers. Invite them to events organized by the company or encourage local employees to
integrate them into their own celebrations. These initiatives not only foster a sense of belonging and community but also strengthen the bonds between colleagues. It is important to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed and valued, especially during a traditionally family-oriented period like Christmas.

3. Managing downtime: be creative

When employment is halted and the worker cannot leave the country, the situation becomes particularly critical. It is then important to find creative solutions. Offering alternative work, French language courses, or other activities can be beneficial. The goal is to provide work hours for unusual tasks or to occupy the workers constructively.

The importance of good management during the celebration period

The holiday season offers an opportunity to display an inclusive and caring corporate culture. By taking care of foreign workers during this period, employers not only improve morale and job satisfaction but also strengthen the company's reputation as a respectful and attentive workplace.