Integration 29 February 2024

Preparation before the arrival of foreign workers: key to successful integration

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Hiring temporary foreign workers involves a series of challenges for both the employer and the employee. Thorough preparation before the arrival of these workers is crucial to ensure a successful and mutually beneficial integration. Here are some proven strategies to prepare the ground and facilitate this transition before their arrival.

Internal team awareness

Integration begins well before the worker’s arrival. It’s essential to prepare your existing team to welcome new colleagues from abroad. This includes communicating the reasons for their hiring, as resistance often stems from a simple lack of information. Raising awareness of the upcoming cultural and linguistic challenges and developing diversity and inclusion training can ease the transition. Moreover, involving your internal resources will make your existing teams much more confident about the organizational changes your company is making towards international recruitment.

Selecting key contact persons

Identifying key contact persons within your organization who are available to answer the newcomers’ questions is an important step. These questions can cover a variety of topics, from how the company operates to more practical aspects of daily life in Canada. Make sure these contact persons are well-informed and ready to offer their support.
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Training and upgrading planning

Even after a rigorous recruitment process, it’s normal to make adjustments due to differences from one country to another. It’s advisable to plan training tailored to the needs of foreign workers for their arrival. This can include preparing welcome guides in several languages, describing the tasks to be performed and organizing practical training on the company’s tools and procedures. An initial skills assessment can facilitate the evaluation of the worker’s needs.
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Logistical support: advance of funds and assistance with settling in

Arriving in a new country can be a significant source of stress. To alleviate this pressure, consider providing an advance of funds to cover initial needs and organize a first grocery shopping trip with the worker. Additionally, helping with the arrangement of their housing can greatly contribute to their feeling of welcome and belonging.

The integration of foreign workers involves preparation and support throughout their transition. By implementing support measures before and after their arrival, you not only facilitate their adaptation but also contribute to creating an inclusive and productive work environment.

We understand that preparing and integrating foreign workers represents a challenge that can sometimes exceed the skills and resources available within some companies. Highlighting the essential role of this step for the success of integration, employers facing these difficulties can turn to specialized services. These expert partners offer personalized and efficient support throughout the integration process, ensuring a smooth transition for foreign workers and an enriched work environment for everyone.

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