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More than just an international recruitment agency, your all-in-one logistics partner.

We understand that international recruitment is not just about finding the right talent but also involves logistics and management. That’s precisely why we have our own authorized travel agency, to offer you a recruitment experience as smooth as it is efficient.

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Benefit from our expertise in travel logistics for your candidates

Navigating through international travel regulations can be a daunting task, especially when it involves understanding specific permissions required for foreign nationals crossing different borders. Mistakes in this area can be not only costly but also delay the arrival of workers and affect your business operations. Our travel agency has deep expertise in current travel restrictions and bans. We guide you at every step, ensuring all cross-border passages are smooth and in compliance with current legislation. Trust our specialized knowledge to avoid costly errors and ensure your workers arrive safely and without delay.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability: The ability to book last-minute tickets can be extremely useful, especially in high-demand or seasonal sectors. Our service offers a range of flexible options to meet the specific needs of your organization for the arrival of your workers. Whether it’s last-minute flights or changes, our team is here to find the best solutions.
  • Peace of mind: Our team handles all the travel details of your workers, allowing you to focus on other aspects. In case of any unforeseen events, we are available 24/7 to provide immediate service.
  • Financial savings: Thanks to our network, we can obtain competitive rates for your flight tickets and for a large number of workers. Reduce your operational costs while optimizing the arrival time of your foreign workers.

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Simplified logistics: Your single point of contact

Eliminate the complexity associated with coordinating international travel. With our service, you have a single dedicated point of contact who manages all aspects of your foreign workers’ travel. From booking tickets to arranging transfers, everything is centralized.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can Equinox World's authorized travel agency facilitate the international recruitment process?

Our integrated travel agency simplifies the logistics of international recruitment by managing all aspects of foreign workers’ travel. This includes booking tickets, navigating international travel regulations, and handling emergencies, ensuring a smooth and worry-free transition for your workers.

What types of travel services are included in your offering?

We handle the flight ticket booking. This includes last-minute changes or cancellations, as well as a checked bag for each worker. Additionally, we also offer an airport accompaniment service. This service ensures that the worker smoothly navigates all the steps related to air travel, from check-in to boarding.

How does the process of booking flight tickets work?

The flight ticket booking process is closely tied to the legal immigration status of the workers. Once all immigration documents are approved for entry into Canada, we contact you to set a suitable travel date for your workers.

What happens in case of last-minute cancellation or change?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur. That’s why we have a dedicated team available 24/7 to handle any last-minute changes or cancellations. Whether it’s a flight cancellation or any other emergency, our team is ready to respond quickly to resolve the situation.

How does Equinox World ensure that travels comply with international legislations?

Our expertise in international travel regulations allows us to guide our clients through the specific permissions required for foreign nationals. We ensure all cross-border passages are in compliance with current legislation, thereby avoiding costly mistakes.


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