Equinox news 16 January 2024

Strengthening relationships with Colombia: a new horizon of strategic partnerships

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The Colombian workforce, with its diverse skills and adaptability, has become a key player in the international arena in our sector. Recognizing this potential, we recently embarked on a mission to Colombia to explore collaboration opportunities. This expedition led us to meet with three major organizations: DIVRI, SENA, and ESEIT in Bogota.

The advantages of the Colombian workforce

The Colombian labor market is distinguished by several assets:

  • Education and training: Colombian professionals benefit from quality education, particularly in technological and management sectors, aligned with the needs of the global market.
  • Linguistic and cultural skills: the bilingualism and cultural diversity of Colombians are assets in an international work context.
  • Adaptability and teamwork: their ability to quickly adapt to new environments and their inclination for collaborative work are sought-after qualities.
  • Experience in key sectors: Colombians possess recognized expertise in areas such as technology, agriculture, and production.
  • Work ethic and professionalism: Colombian workers are appreciated for their commitment, rigor, and professionalism.

Looking back at our mission in Colombia

Our journey in Colombia aimed to identify and explore future collaboration opportunities. Each meeting with key institutions was a revelation, unveiling the many facets of the Colombian workforce and its potential for our market.

DIVRI (Direction of Veterans and Inclusive Rehabilitation): our meeting with this organization, dedicated to the professional reintegration of former military and police combatants, revealed promising prospects, especially in terms of professional reintegration.

SENA (National Learning Service): the exchange with SENA, an institution playing a crucial role in professional training in Colombia, offered the opportunity to access trained and qualified workers. Especially for our construction sector in Quebec and Canada, SENA can provide a pool of talents with technical and practical skills adapted to the requirements of our industry.

ESEIT (Higher School of Business, Engineering, and Technology): the discussion with ESEIT was fruitful, paving the way to access a pool of trained candidates, particularly in the technology and engineering sectors. This institution is a valuable potential partner for accessing innovative and competent professionals, ready to integrate and enrich our labor market.

The results of these meetings are promising, sketching a collaborative and mutually beneficial future. This mission in Colombia not only confirmed the advantages of the Colombian workforce but also opened the path to promising international collaborations. We are optimistic about integrating these Colombian talents into our future projects and initiatives.